A $1,000,000 Capital Campaign for People Trails

2012 – Current justification of the 15 projects included in expansion:


The Indiana Trails Vision is to provide a trail within 15 minutes or 7.5 miles of every Hoosier by 2016 and to partner with Federal, State, and local non-profit and private resources to build a statewide network of trails. The Vision is to educate public and private sectors on the benefits a statewide greenways and bikeways system brings communities in terms of health, fitness, tourism, infrastructure and economic advantages.

The Columbus Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan, created through public surveys, was adopted as an element of the City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan by the Columbus City Council on May 12, 2010.

Public Surveys and Programs show strong support for expansion of our People Trail System:  2008 and 2011 Bike & Pedestrian Plan Survey, 2011 Columbus Parks & Recreation Master Plan Survey, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation and Columbus Regional Hospital Healthy Lifestyles Action Team’s : Safe Routes to School and Commit to Commute, Heritage Fund – The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County’s Welcoming Communities Survey.

Expansion Goals:

  • Provide a trail, bicycle lane or other facility type within three blocks of 90% of City residents.
  • Create environmentally-friendly, sustainable transportation options.
  • Expand the network of safe facilities to efficiently connect  bicyclists/pedestrians to key destinations (schools, shopping centers, employment centers, parks, downtown and more.
  • Distinguish Columbus as an active community with high quality lifestyle accommodations attractive to new residents, businesses and tourists.
  • Improve the health and wellness of our community.
  • Establish regional bicycle connections.

The Campaign Goal:  $1,000,000
For $1 million in private/community funds raised, our City will receive approximately $5 million in project expansion. Estimated construction cost of the projects is approximately $5 million.  By leveraging other sources for up to $4 million (federal funds, in conjunction with City Projects, BCSC /MPO projects and Developer Projects), the remaining $1 million will be raised in private/community contributions.