Funding from the City of Columbus and fees from the programs help provide for some of the expenses that are required to operate the Columbus Parks and Recreation programs, parks, trails and facilities, but it doesn’t cover all the costs especially for our free activities. The Columbus Park Foundation works to fill in these funding gaps.  Our generous 2021 donors helped 126 children from 64 families participate in 204 Parks and Recreation activities, planted 68 trees in city parks, purchased supplies and games for the free Come Out & Play Playground Program, repaired 1 mile of People Trails, supported the Great Columbus Campout, Movies in the Park and Christmas Village, and much more!  We thank you for your gifts and look forward to an even better 2022.

Area of Greatest Need

Coca‐Cola Bottling of Columbus Donor Advised Fund
Jim & Toots Henderson
Greg & Peggy Scherschel
Christopher Raskob
Bill & Victoria Glick
Dr. Dale & Linda Guse
Charles E. VanNatta
Charlie & Jayne Farber
Chip Orben ‐ The Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Kathy & Rex Baumgart
Sam & Millie Maier

Chuck & Geri Wilt
C.A.S.E. Construction, Inc.
Christine & Tom Vujovich
David & Wilma Doup
Mark & Wendy Elwood Foundation
Nancy Conner in memory of the many special people who have been an inspiration to me
Ryan & Jean Hou

Jeff Baker & John Pickett
Laurie Booher
Albert & Kevina A. Schumaker
Chad Heimlich & Julie Aton
David Porter
Greg Long
John & Amy McCormick
Jordan Hilber
Lynn Lacy
Sam & Kelly Geckler
Bill & Bambi Sasse
Joe & Kathleen Sheehy
Steve & Mary Ferdon
Susan & John Nash
Ross Stores Foundation in memory of Judy Secrest
Anonymous in memory of Judy Secrest
Avril Schutte
Buck & Nea Ritz
Donald & Shirley Trapp
Ilya Schwartzman
Jesse Brand & Geri Handley
Judy Shepherd
Kalli & Malkiat Grewal
Larry & Lynn Lucas
Sandra Oliverio
Southern Roofing, Inc.

Up to $99
Daniel Robert Harshbarger
Ken Dunn
Stillwater Ridge Produce
G. Karen Shrode in honor of Nancy Conner
Mallory Eickhoff
Mark & Julia Lowe
Moravec Family
Nick & Marilyn Firestone
Pam & Jim Lienhoop
Ryan & Annette Moravec
Shailesh Agashe & Priyanka Jamenis
Steve & Judy Jasper
Uschi Wolff
Walter Woolfolk
William Jones
Jack & Marjorie Schmeckebier
Sharon Baldwin
Henry Pinkston
Martin Wright

Chuck Wilt Youth Scholarship Program

Nan & Bill Russell
Norbert Nusterer
Duke Energy Foundation
Russell & Jean Hashman Endowment Fund

Brent & Becky Church
Duke Energy
Mike & Donna Keogh

Anonymous ‐ Patrick M. Stahley
Steve & Cindy Meyer
Nancy Wilt
Overhead Door Company of South Central Indiana
Repp Associates Foundation
Richard B. Davis
Katy Bush
Christopher & Debra George
Keith Paris in memory of Judy Secrest
Scott Patchett

Up to $50
Cindy Frey
Curtis Gazdick
Edward & Patricia Probst
Mark Jones
Annabelle Moore
Diane Robbins
Steve Scgalski
Eric Notestine
Patrick Smith
Jennifer Flanagan
Anna Nabhan
Camille Carson
Eric Hess
Glecy Pentinio
Heather Bush
Nathan Denison
Peggy Lindenlaub

Columbus Farmer’s Market

Johnson Ventures, Inc. ‐ Bands
The Brave Heart Foundation ‐ Power of Produce

Columbus Golf Courses

Richard & Joyce Fleck in memory of Nora Lewis

Come Out & Play Playground Program

Family Chiropractic and Wellness

Donner Aquatic Center

Columbus Running Club

Endowment Fund

Ward Family Charitable Fund
Mike & Donna Keogh

eSports Equipment

Columbus Running Club

Great Columbus Campout

Family Chiropractic and Wellness

Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena

AEI Youth Sports Fund, Heritage Fund ‐ The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County
American Water on behalf of Justin Schneider

Chuck & Carleen Fry
Columbus Running Club

Pancake Breakfast
Walton & Monica Carpenter in memory of Judy Secrest
Thomas & Merry Carmichael in memory of Judy Secrest
David Louis Gill
Charles & Mary Jane Beach in memory of Judy Secrest
Chuck & Carleen Fry in memory of Judy Secrest
Chuck & Carleen Fry in memory of Ken White

Up to $50
David & Mary Petro in memory of Judy Secrest
David & Ruth Ann Bird in memory of Judy Secrest
Jesse & Carolyn Gentry in memory of Judy Secrest
Mark & Katherine Allen in memory of Judy Secrest
Mary Laudick in memory of Judy Secrest
Matthew & Ashley Brosey in memory of Judy Secrest
Sharon & Amy Ballenger in memory of Judy Secrest
Timothy Gilpin & Kelli Hill in memory of Judy Secrest
Rosemary Middleton in memory of Judy Secrest
Ann Linke in memory of Judy Secrest

Inclusive Playgrounds

Raymond & Elizabeth Morris
Richard Hawes Insurance

Jenn Hartwell & Ritch Mettert

Pam Harrell
John & Sally Brand
G. Terrence & K. Coriden

Up to $50
Brad Gonsalves
Dr. Stephen Bayer

Inclusive Programming

Family Chiropractic and Wellness

James K. Baker Trees

First Presbyterian Church

Bicentennial Tree Project
Duke Energy Foundation
The Rotary Club of Columbus Indiana
Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation
Community Church of Columbus, Inc.
First United Methodist Church
Sierra Club Hoosier ‐ Chapter Winding Waters Group
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus, IN

Jolie Crider Fund

Shayla & Paul Holtkmap

Memorial Trees

Colieta Browning Bloss in memory of Warren W. Baumgart, Sr.
Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County in honor of our outgoing board President Matt Kirr
Nancy Fay‐Muzar & Michael Muzar in memory of Peter James Baker
Howard & Ann Herron in memory Peter James Baker
Jenelle Kramb in memory of Peter James Baker
Shirley Lyster in memory of Peter James Baker
James & Edrie Martin in memory of Peter James Baker
Kim Stover in memory of Peter James Baker

NexusPark Fund

Mark & Marabeth Levett Charitable Fund

Parks & Park Facilities

Norma Lienhoop in memory of Scott Jon Lienhoop

People Trail Fund

Jim & Peggy Voelz

Scott Baize
First Lutheran Church

David & Claudette Hayward
Ed and Vivian Eckerly
David & Sue Wildemann
Paul Holtkamp
Catherine Simmons
David & Angie May

Up to $50
Robin Hilber in honor of Elaine & Jordan Hilber
Tina Cunningham
Gary Dismore
James & Lynette Farless
John & Cindy Smock
Columbus Five Guys
Diane & Jerry Mihay Jr.


Columbus Pickleball Club

Juliana Bernabe

Tipton Lakes Athletic Club
Crowe Foundation on behalf of Ashley Craig
Matt Noblitt
Tami Schwenk

Up to $50
Linda & Steve Brown in memory of Norris Moore
Linda & Steve Brown in memory of Fran Land
Jerry Rinehart
Judy Cummings in memory of Frances Land
Brad & Jeannine Gonsalves in memory of Jane Milan

Discover Columbus Pickleball Tournament Sponsors/Donors

Ashley Craig
Texas Roadhouse
Family Chiropractic and Wellness

Charlie Day
Pickleball Central
Columbus Area Visitors Center Inc.

Engage Pickleball
Freddy’s Frozen Custard
Juliana Bernabe
Selkirk Sports

Gamma Sports
7‐K Farms Inc.
Dave & Marilyn Adams
Artful Interiors
Chuck & Cathy Boll
Robert & Patricia Bush
Barb & Lynn Donathen
Flourish Columbus, Inc.
Greater Horizon Financial Group
LB Mold, Inc.
Martin Overhead Door, Inc.
Milestone Contractors, L.P.
Nichols & Dimes Antiques & Collectables
Floyd & Cindy Rutan
Alan & Tami Schwenk
Taylor Bros. Construction Co., Inc.
The Cozy Lounge
Jigsaw Health
Hotel Indigo, an IHG Hotel
Holiday Inn Columbus, an IHG Hotel
Tami Schwenk

Up to $99
Dirtbuster Car Wash
Cindy Massey
Coca‐Cola Bottling Company

Picnic Tables

Columbus Running Club

Pollinator Parks

Rick Johnson
Don & Karen Nissen

Recreation & Playground Program

Chuck & Geri Wilt in memory of Mary Beth Shymkus
Luiz Doi

Street Soccer

Family Chiropractic and Wellness

The Commons

John & Donna Sasse in honor of Shanda Sasse

The Commons Playground

Carl Marshall Reeves & Mildred Almen Reeves Foundation, Inc.

Tour de Trails Sponsors/Donors

Family Chiropractic and Wellness
WIN 104.9

Tropical Smoothie Café
Analytical Engineering, Inc.
Dunlap & Company, Inc.
Force Construction Co., Inc.
Kenny Glass, Inc.
Strand Associates, Inc.
Taylor Bros. Construction Co., Inc.
The Workshop
Voelz, Reed & Mount, LLC

Aton’s Self Storage LLC
Flourish Columbus, Inc.
Jackson County Bank
Made‐Rite Fence, LLC
Milestone Contractors LP
Dr. Christopher Bartels, DDS
Rex & Kathy Baumgart
Victoria Griffin
White River Running Company
Bill & Victoria Glick
Joy Reising
Pam Harrell
Zeller Insurance
Charlie & Jayne Farber
Juliana Bernabe
Beth Morris
Bradley Manns
Carleen Fry
Chelsea Reising
Coca‐Cola Bottling Company
Ed & Vivian Eckerly
Ed Eckerly
Green Sign Co., Inc.
Laurie Booher
Nancy Conner
Paula Bandos
Repp Associates Foundation
Tara Board
Walter Glover ‐ Team Nancy Connor
Will Wagner

Up to $99
Blondie’s Salon & Spa
Mary Hamlin
A.B. Manns
Andrea Mernitz
Baker’s Fine Gifts and Accessories
Cheryl Buffo
David & Lisa Porter
Dianne Farrar
Dianne Farrar in memory of Marjery Stollings
Ellen Brunner
Emilie Pinkston
Jordan Hilber
Julie Orben
Kevin Johnson
Luiz Santos
Mark & Michelle Jones
Paula & Don Herlitz
Tim & Lisa Brookshire
Valdeci Viana
Wendy Scgalski
Columbus Rock Gym LLC
David Wildemann
Paul Finke
Ames Merchantile
Karen Shrode
Adrian Luzius
Elisabeth Fischer
Karla Hass
Roger Olsson
Aubrey Jackson‐Conner
Chrissy Bailey
Jan Matchette
Jess Prowant
John & Chris Sichting
Kim Wolford in memory of Ron Wolford
Larry Anthony
Robin Marshall
Sam’s Club
Shanda Sasse
Tracie Hawes
Alimul Risvey
Andy Montgomery
Barbara Salee
Chip Orben
Dan Fox
Jeff Wheitner
Carolina Pereira
Heidi Sturgeon
Jeri Cannon
Justin Heck
Luz Michel
Nicole McDonald
Suzanne Morgan
Angelica Escamilla
Richa Salunkhe
Robert Creech
Rodrigo Bracamonte
Denise Muncy

Tour de Trails Participants

Samuel Allen
Diana Andrades
Fatiha Anouar
Elizabeth Anthony
Larry Anthony
Miguel Aranda
Eduardo Aranda‐Michel
James Arvin
Shaquille Ash
Jessica Bachmann
Kim Backmeyer
Chrissy Bailey
Scott Baize
Paula Bandos
Reynaldo Barradas
Gene Barry
Carolee Barry
Christopher Bartels
Cora Bartels
Beau Bartels
Evelyn Bartels
Jana Bartels
Nora Baudat
Kathy Baumgart
Rex Baumgart
Todd Baxter
Steve Bayer
Juliana Bernabe
Chad Bigler
Andrea Bland
Christopher Bland
Kristie Bluett
Tara Board
Bonnie Boatwright
Brennan Boatwright
David Boatwright
CR Boll
Laurie Booher
Collin Booher
Myah Borntreger
Jacob Borntreger
Megan Bos
Kira Bowling
Rodrigo Bracamonte
Cal Brand
Lucy Brewster
Fernando Briones
Anthony Bruce
Ellen Brunner
Marcella Brunner
Lisa Bruno
Cheryl Buffo
Darren Buffo
Amanda Burke
Joshua Burke
Malia Burkholder
Nicholi Burkholder
Greg Burnette
Mary Burns
Shelli Burton
Rick Bush
Mollie Bush‐Nord
Cierra Caffee
Janet Callon
Jared Campbell
Michelle Carter
Micah Caughey
Paul Chapple
Teja Chintaluri
Bobbie Jo Clarkson
Ian Clarkson
Nancy Conner
Susan Cox
Lisa Crane
Robert Creech
Stacy Crider
Andie Cruser
Justin Daun
Jennifer Davey
Angie Davis
Kay Dean
Brittany Deaton
Brad DeCamp
Ashley DeHart
Karen Deitrick
Joseph Deitrick
Link Denton
Rachel Dobbs
Jake Dudley
Teresa Dyer
Ed Eckerly
Vivian Eckerly
Angelica Escamilla
Comer Estep
Jody Evans
Charlie Farber
Jayne Farber
Bruce Farrar
Cheryl Farrar
Christopher Farrell
Staci Fiddler
Paul Finke
Karen Finke
Elisabeth Fischer
Randy Fischer
Jackie Fischvogt
Robert Fischvogt
Jason Fitzpatrick
Les Fix
Alma Flores
Norma Flores
Mary Fogler
Angela Force
Dan Fox
Debra Fox
Aaron Fry
Millie Fry
Carleen Fry
William Galbraith
Juan Galicia
J.D. Galicia
Valerie Gard
Rob Gaskill
Sarah Gehring
Christopher George
Debbie George
Cody Getz
Ashley Getz
David Glesing
Victoria Glick
Bill Glick
Victoria Glick
Susana Gonzalez
Robert Goshert
Matthew Greer
Kennedy Greer‐Bos
Himanshu Gupta
Vivaan Gupta
Grant Hale
Amy Hale
Courtney Hall
Madyson Hall
Mary Hamlin
Barbara Hardcastle
David Hardcastle
Pam Harrell
Arnold Haskell
Tracie Hawes
David Hayward
Justin Heck
Julian Heichelbech
Lauren Hein
Cameron Hein
Kayla Hercamp
Viridiana Hernandez Cruz
Jordan Hilber
Takahiro Hirooka
Elizabeth Hlavaty
Lakshmi Holagunda
Art Hopkins
Jonathon Horvath
Ashley Houchin
Todd Houchin
Isabelle Houchin
Bridget Howell
Bart Hudson
Beth Hudson
Megan Hull
Hannah Hunt
Garrett Hurley
Shea Idlewine
Aubrey Jackson‐Conner
Chris Jewell
Jeff Jewett
Courtney Jo
Mark Jones
Michelle Jones
Amelia Jones
Ivan Jones
Jeff Jones
Kylee Jones
Dennis Jones
Scott Kanehl
Ronald Karenzi
James Keele
Jana Kelly
Matthew Keown
Tamara Kiel
Jan Kiel
Ian Kincer
Michael Kinder
Ashlyn Knechtel
Joshua Knight
Michael Knight
Kallie Krammes
Luis Kuae
Daniel Kuae
Nancy Labra
Rhonda Laswell
Dan Leach
Sydney Leiting
Laura lendeche
Gary Lengerich
Kaye Lengerich
Margleny Littleton
Darrin Long
Corey Long
Christina Long
Adam Loyd
Santos Lozano
Ange Luedeman
Jenny Lugnfors
Alma Lugnfors
Ella Lugnfors
Beverly J. Mahoney‐Corum
Johann Maldonado
Hector Maldonado
Brenda Manns
Emily Mapes
Robin Marshall
Clay Marthin
Michele Martinez
Jan Matchette
Renee Mathis
Angie May
Evy McBee
Mark McBee
Nicole McDonald
Jeremy McDonald
Bryce McDonald
Laura McGurk
Dan McGurk
Patrick McKinney
Stephanie McKinney
Ava McKinney
Catherine McLeese
Nate McLeese
Beth McNeely
Sally Merriman
Tyler Meyer
Luz Michel
Lynnessa Mihay
Anderson Mihay
Ian Mihay
Diane Mihay
Jay Miller
Erika Mondragón
Andy Montgomery
Efrain Montoya
Renata Montoya
Aaron Moore
Suzanne Morgan
Beth Morris
Raymond Morris
Lora Mount
Giri Mulakaledu
Thanush Mulakaledu
Varnika Mulakaledu
Denise Muncy
Julio Munoz
Luigi Munoz
Kacee Murphy
Julie Nash
Shubhakar Neela
Shawna Netser
Tony Newell
Angie Newman
Mark Newman
Ashley Nicholls
Nelson Nieves Lores
Caleb Niewedde
Travis Null
Gabriel Ocasio
Gabe Ocasio
Al Ollmann
Roger Olsson
Monica Ontiveros
Julie Orben
Corrine Orben
Chip Orben
Michelle Owens
Larry Ozbun
Bhasker Pasupuleti
Maximilian Paul
José Pedro
Carolina Pereira
Emilie Pinkston
Sam Pinkston
Steve Pinkston
Henry Pinkston
Brooke Plummer
Bill Porter
Jose Ramos
Blake Reed
Erin Reinhart
Robert Reynolds
Celeste Reynolds
Donna Richard
Jeffrey Richardson
Kimberly Riche
Alimul Risvey
Janne Robbins
Charles Robbins
Matt Roberts
Pascal Rodriguez
Shelby Ross
Nancy Ross
Russell Ross
Zak Ruehman
Kim Rumbley
Max Runningen
Matthew Rust
Barbara Salee
Hope Sallee
Richa Salunkhe
Trish Sanders
Jon Sanders
Madelyn Sanders
Ray Santelli
Luiz Santos
Shanda Sasse
Wendy Scgalski
Katelyn Schneider
Mark Schneider
Kristi Schumacher
Joann Scott
Nick Seger
Sheena Seger
Amelia Shaw
Lee Shipman
Ruth Shipman
Victoria Shireman
Clint Shireman
Daniel Shishino
Hope Shoaf
Karen Shrode
Penny Shumard
Chrissy Simonton
Will Simonton
Judi Smith
Ben Snodgress
Becky Sobah
Paul Sowerby
Tyler Sprague
Boyce Stattfield
Stephanie Steider
Chad Steider
Reece Stephens
Judy Stevens Collins
Mesheila Storm
Jason Strahl
David Stroud
Heidi Sturgeon
Emily Summers
Michael Swilik
Nick Tannehill
Pamela Tartt
Ava Tartt
Jason Tartt
Anna Tennis
Zoe Tennis
Caleb Tennis
Isaac Tennis
Morgan Tharp
Jane Tompkins
Julie Tuttle
Lena Tuttle
Jose Utrera
Graciano Uy
Linda Van Den Eeden
Pako Vazcast
Valdeci Viana
Will Wagner
Daniel Wallace
Roger Wallace
Glenn Ward
DaAnne Weaver
Kelly Webb
Lisa Weisner
Lisa Weisner
Cindy Wenzler
Jeff Wheitner
Suzie White
Eric White
Robert White
Ron Wiener
David Wildemann
Sue Wildemann
Julie Williams
Claire Wilson
Karen Wilson
Michelle Wilson
Matthew Wittrig
Scott Wothke
Ernie Wright
Brittany Wright
Jennifer Wright‐Berryman
Drew Wyant
Kathleen Wyrick
Srini Yerragolla
Kurt Young
Marjorie Young

Trivia Night Sponsor

digitalAIM Media

Youth Baseball

Carolyn Cox and Family in memory of Barrett Eugene Gene Fields
Chris Oswald in memory of Gene Fields
Richard & Diane Holedman in memory of Gene Fields
Bob & Judy Pitman in memory of Gene Fields
James Baker, Jr. in memory of Gene Fields

In Honor & Memory

In Honor
Nancy Conner
‐ G. Karen Shrode

Elaine & Jordan Hilber
‐ Robin Hilber

Outgoing Board President Matt Kirr
‐ Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County

Shanda Sasse
‐ John & Donna Sasse

In Memory
Peter James Baker
‐ Howard & Ann Herron
‐ Jenelle Kramb
‐ Shirley Lyster
‐ James & Edrie Martin
‐ Nancy Fay‐Muzar & Michael Muzar
‐ Kim Stover

Warren W. Baumgart, Sr.
‐ Colieta Browning Bloss

Fran Land
‐ Linda & Steve Brown
‐ Judy Cummings

Nora Lewis
‐ Richard & Joyce Fleck

Scott Jon Lienhoop
‐ Norma Lienhoop

Jane Milan
‐ Brad & Jeannine Gonsalves

Norris Moore
‐ Linda & Steve Brown

Judy Secrest
‐ Mark & Katherine Allen
‐ Anonymous
‐ Sharon & Amy Ballenger
‐ Charles & Mary Jane Beach
‐ David & Ruth Ann Bird
‐ Matthew & Ashley Brosey
‐ Thomas & Merry Carmichael
‐ Walton & Monica Carpenter
‐ Chuck & Carleen Fry
‐ Jesse & Carolyn Gentry
‐ Timothy Gilpin & Kelli Hill
‐ Mary Laudick
‐ Ann Linke
‐ Rosemary Middleton
‐ Keith Paris
‐ David & Mary Petro
‐ Ross Stores Foundation

Mary Beth Shymkus
‐ Chuck & Geri Wilt

Marjery Stollings
‐ Dianne Farrar

Ken White
‐ Chuck & Carleen Fry

Ron Wolford
‐ Kim Wolford

Gene Fields
‐ James Baker, Jr.
‐ Carolyn Cox and Family
‐ Richard & Diane Holedman
‐ Chris Oswald
‐ Bob & Judy Pitman

The many special people who have been an inspiration to me
‐ Nancy Conner