In 1999 a group of skaters had a dream to build a skate park.  That August the Jolie Crider Memorial Skate Park was dedicated at Clifty Park.

The existing 15,000 sg. ft. skate park is now almost 20 years old and in disrepair.  The existing skatelite material is so worn out that maintaining the current structure has long been an issue.  When faced with the choice between renovation and rebuild the answer has become clear.  The proposed new skate park would be made of concrete which will require little maintenance and last for generations to come.  A design has been completed by Janne Saario, skate turned architect, and hunger skateparks from Bloomington is ready to start the project.

Project Overview – Project Overview (PDF)

The Need: An Upgraded Skatepark

In a recent online community survey, a total of 66.67% of over 200 respondents indicated that skateboarding, skating, BMX biking, or using a scooter in the Jolie Crider Memorial Skatepark was their primary source of exercise.  Replacement of the current skatepark with a new, more durable and welcoming design, and replacing the deteriorating wooden structures with concrete, will allow more citizens to utilize the park for exercise, promoting health in the community, and will provide the opportunity for additional programming for the community’s benefit.

The Plan: Crider 2.0

The Jolie Crider Memorial Skatepark faces major repairs in order to bring it up to current safety standards. For Crider 2.0, Janne Saario, a world-renowned Finnish skatepark designer, has been selected to design the new skatepark, with an eye toward the final design as a tribute to the architectural and design heritage of Columbus while providing a safe, healthy place for skating and other alternative sports. This will his first skatepark design in the U.S.  Hunger SkateParks will collaborate to do the design and build process and concrete providers will be sought to donate materials in order to defray the final cost of the project. Target completion of the new skatepark will be Spring 2019.

The Work So Far: Financial Commitments

Of the $385,000 total budget, over $250,000 is currently in place. These funds include construction funds from the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, earmarked funds from the Columbus Park Foundation and a matching grant from Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County.

The Final Goal: Raise An Additional $100,000

$100,000 is needed to continue work on the project. Corporate and private organizations are invited to participate in this community effort via several donor levels. The Columbus Park Foundation has and will continue to hold several community fundraising events.


Bob Crider & Family
Brainstorm Print
Clarence & Inez Custer Foundation
Columbus Area Visitors Center Inc.
Conover Foundation
Elizabeth Nugent Foundation
Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County
Kenny Glass, Inc.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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