Expanding the People Trails

We celebrate the 21 miles of People Trails enjoyed by runners, bikers, walkers, those with special needs, commuters and more. The People Trails allow our community to participate in healthy activities as well as offer an alternative means of transportation for many. Help us to continue expanding Columbus People Trails by donating to the People Trail Fund!

Current Projects

Clifty Trail Extension

The proposed Clifty Trail Extension project will allow safe passage of trail users from the intersection of Marr Road and McKinley Avenue to Clifty Park and nearby trails. The proposed ten (10) feet wide asphalt trail will begin on the east side of Marr Road immediately south of McKinley Avenue and extend approximately 1,600 feet east where the trail will turn south and extend approximately 1,500 feet to Clifty Park. The east-west portion of the trail along the south side of McKinley Avenue will be constructed within the existing road right-of-way which consists of mowed lawns, a wooded area and an agricultural field. The north-south portion of the trail from McKinley Avenue to Clifty Park will be constructed in new permanent easement areas beginning at the residential property along the south side of McKinley Avenue where the trail turns south. The proposed trail will then be constructed along the edge of an existing agricultural field. This portion of the trail will also be encompassed in a new permanent easement for the recreational trail use. A trailhead with drinking fountain and benches will be included at the south end of the trail in Clifty Park.