Celebrating Green Spaces

We celebrate the 23 Parks and Green Spaces, diligently maintained by Columbus Parks and Recreation staff members. These green, open spaces provide families and individuals a way to enjoy the great outdoors while creating memories, exercise and more. Our 19 playgrounds maintained by Park staff allow children to participate in fun activities, stay physical, and simply ~ play with other children.

What our Parks Provide

Our facilities such as Donner Center, Hamilton Community Center & Ice Arena and the Mill Race Amphitheater offer a place for events and programs that make our community a fun place to live and enjoy.

“Being healthy means access to the resources needed to live a healthy life, and many healthy resources are fundamentally dependent on the design of our neighborhood environments. Accessible and safe parks are one essential ingredient to a healthy neighborhood, providing a place to exercise, play, spend time with friends and neighbors or just relax and recuperate. Research tells us that parks matter for health; the effects of nearby parks range from increasing physical activity to improving mental health…” Rajiv Bhatia, MD, MPH, Director, Occupational & Environmenal Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF

So what makes Columbus a great place to live? Swimming at Donner Aquatic Center or family picnics at Donner Park… a quiet moment by the pond or an evening concert with friends at Mill Race…baseball and softball games at Lincoln…soccer at Blackwell Park…children enjoying the playground at Harrison Ridge Park…ice skating at Hamilton Center… These are the images that come to mind from the 23 parks and green spaces maintained by Columbus Parks and Recreation. These are your parks and green spaces and they provide healthy living and quality of life.

You can be a part of making our Parks even better by giving a gift to help preserve and enhance our valuable community green spaces for future generations and for the health and well being of all to enjoy.