Hamilton Center Ice Arena, built over 37 years ago, has faced several challenges. However, programs continue and users push on despite inconveniences that come with an aging building that has had a lack of sufficient funding to address much needed repairs, upgrades and overall maintenance. Hamilton Center staff work hard to repair and extend the life of equipment and the structure of this treasured recreational amenity. In fact, over the past year, approximately $350,000.00 in public funds has addressed the most critical needs. Additional private funding, from the Reeves Foundation, generously assisted in a control system to help reduce energy costs.

[message type=”info”]During the City’s budget process, the time and talents of many helped determine resolutions for upgrades and replacements to bring Hamilton Center back to the standards it once was.[/message]

The Parks and Recreation Department was pleased to receive a much needed allocation of funding from the City’s repurposing of the EDIT bond. Work to make improvements to Hamilton Center can now begin.

Because this funding is intended to be used to address several Parks & Recreation facilities, there are still many needs for Hamilton Center that fall beyond what the City’s funding can address. That’s when the “Friends of Hamilton Center”, a group who understood the necessity of bringing private and public funds together, stepped in.

In April 2012, the “Friends of Hamilton Center” hosted an event entitled, ”Dice for Ice” at Mark and Wendy Elwood’s home. Guests were treated to an gala evening, including the finest food with Chefs Gethin Thomas and Daniel Orr, a wine tasting, music, and a professional casino. Yet all the fun was not without a purpose but rather for a very concentrated effort… to raise dollars to improve and preserve our City’s ice arena. Guests were made aware of the magnitude of needs and the vision of restoring Hamilton to its fullest capabilities. Guests responded with generous contributions resulting in over $65,000.00.00 toward meeting the first phase of improvements for this cherished facility.

The Columbus Park Foundation is grateful to all who participated in this event and to those who will continue to support our unique, community gem. Hamilton Center offers a wide variety of ice related activities for children and adults, as well as a very intimate and unique option for events. It also remains on our City’s architectural tour, making Columbus unique by design. If you would like to learn more about the vision for Hamilton Center, please contact the Columbus Park Foundation and watch for upcoming ways you too can help to grow Hamilton Community Center into the future.