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Generations Club brochure (PDF)

When you ask someone to share the story of their childhood, usually a fond recollection of playing in parks, on playgrounds, going to the community pool, ice skating, participating in camps or other athletic programs is included. That’s what happened when The Park Foundation began a series of videos that shared, from the perspective of others, what the availability of Parks & Recreation’s amenities has meant in their lives.

Our community is built on the pride and investment of past generations. Green landscapes, People Trails, unique facilities such as Hamilton Center and of course, parks like Mill Race, Donner, Mead Village, and Lincoln beautify our City. With the challenge of enough public funding available to not only maintain these wonderful resources, but also allow for the growth needed to keep up with the demand of new and improved recreational activities, the necessity of perpetual giving to continue the availability of these kinds of resources is essential.

The Generations Club is a way you can help the sustainability of the free and/or very low cost recreational programs and amenities that influence the daily lives of our children and our community. As a community we can impact these quality of life offerings and assure they are always available. The Generations Club is a program vital to the future growth and success of our Parks Department. We’ve made it easy for families to help sustain what we have today and grow the assets of our community by choosing your “passion” in one of the following four areas: People Trails, Parks & Park Facilities, The Chuck Wilt Scholarship Program or The Park Foundation Endowment.

As a Generations Club member, your annual commitment allows the Park Foundation to plan and grow programs and facilities to a greater level… for generations. As a “thank you” to our loyal contributors we want to “give back” to those making an investment in the future of our parks, and here’s how:

Generations Club Levels

  • Supporter – $300/year or $25/month
  • Benefactor – $600/year or $50/month
  • Legacy – $1,200/year or $100/month
  • Community – $2,400/year or $200/month
  • Cornerstone – $7,200/year or $600/month

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