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Chuck Wilt Youth Scholarship Program

Recipients of the Chuck Wilt Youth Scholarship Program received more than just a chance to participate in their favorite activity… For many of these young people, this allowed them to indulge in their passion for a sport or program they may not have otherwise been able to experience! With a $200 donation to the Columbus [...]

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Area of Greatest Need

If you are uncertain about which scholarship or program areas you would like to support, you may always make an unrestricted gift. These gifts are vital to the Columbus Park Foundation because they enable funding to go directly to the area of greatest and most immediate need. In the past, unrestricted funds [...]

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James K. Baker Trees

Trees have numerous benefits including improved health and socialization, shelter and food for wildlife, and reduction of noise, pollution, crime and traffic speed.  Trees also save energy by shading buildings and reducing air conditioning needs as well as cooling the temperatures of cities with water evaporation. It is more important than ever [...]

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Recreation and Playground Programs

Recreation covers a wide spectrum of programs for a variety of ages from pre-school to adults.  These programs are a mix of free, low cost and fee-based activities.  Free and low-cost programs include festivals, variety shows, concerts, family bingo, drive-in movie, and our playground program. Fee-based programs include programs such as day [...]

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Pollinator Parks

Pollinator species have declined in numbers, become endangered, and even gone extinct due to the loss of natural food supplies and habitat. Pollinators are not only an essential for our food production, but they support healthy ecosystems. By helping create and restore pollinator habitats along with educating others of their importance, great [...]

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Columbus Parks & Recreation Department has two Pickleball Courts which are located at Donner Park on Sycamore and 17th Street. Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, [...]



Continue the Legacy As a community, we support a truly exceptional parks system with spaces and programs available and accessible to all. Public funding, however, is limited. Annual tax supported funding for our parks keeps them open and available to the people of Columbus and our visitors, but it doesn’t provide enough dollars to expand services or cover the major expenditures to maintain [...]


Parks and Facilities

Celebrating Green Spaces We celebrate the 23 Parks and Green Spaces, diligently maintained by Columbus Parks and Recreation staff members. These green, open spaces provide families and individuals a way to enjoy the great outdoors while creating memories, exercise and more. Our 19 playgrounds maintained by Park staff allow children to participate [...]

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