Trees have numerous benefits including improved health and socialization, shelter and food for wildlife, and reduction of noise, pollution, crime and traffic speed.  Trees also save energy by shading buildings and reducing air conditioning needs as well as cooling the temperatures of cities with water evaporation.

It is more important than ever to replenish our parks trees.  The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) pest, which has spread through 33 states, was identified in Columbus during the winter of 2013.  Since then, the Parks and Recreation Park Operations team has identified all ash trees in the parks system and taken precautions to help stop the spread.  While there is no “cure” for EAB, these trees can be treated to reduce the risk of the beetle infestation.  Even with precautions taken,

The James K. Baker Tree fund has helped to expand and replace over 100 trees in our city parks every year. For every tree that is necessary to cut down, 2 are planted in its place.  This fund is essential to ensure a healthy tree canopy today and in the future!