A Healthy Lifestyle – supported by People Trails

Reduce medical costs through a proactive approach

Partner with businesses to encourage employees’ tracking of “trail miles” and support of events centered around the People Trail.

Partner with BCSC and all schools to improve safety and accessibility of the routes to school.

Partner with CRH to continue AND increase challenges such as Commit to Commute, Bartholomew County on the Move and Holiday Hustle,  adding events centered around the trail offering a safer, more accessible, and more connected network.

• Increase quality of life for our residents

• 2011 Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Survey: 75.8-97.9% agree:  “I would like to live in a community where I can bike/walk to meet the needs of my lifestyle.”

• Promote physical activity and lower obesity for Columbus residents and beyond

2011 Columbus Parks & Rec Master Plan Public Survey:  99% of respondents use  the trail for exercise and fitness.

• 2008 Bicycle & Pedestrian Survey:   89% of respondents would bicycle from home to recreational trails if adequate facilities were present.

“Every $1 investment in trails for physical activity led to $2.94 in direct medical benefit.” 

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Physical Activity Using Bike/Pedestrian Trails Journal: Health Promotion Practice; April 2005