Quality of Life

• Provide a safer means of transportation connecting schools, parks, employment centers,

shopping centers, the  downtown area, and more.

– BCSC  and the Healthy Lifestyles Action Team –  “Safe Routes to Schools” :

7 schools and 500 students participated in the 2011 “Walk to School Day”

– 2011 Bike & Pedestrian Plan Public Survey (787 Respondents):

87.2 – 89.3% agreed, “A good pedestrian/bike facilities add value to our community.”

75.8-84.1% agreed, “They would like to live in a community where they could walk/bike to meet the 

  needs of their lifestyle.”

– 2011 Columbus Parks & Rec Master Plan Public Forums and Surveys (264 respondents):

67.3% of respondents chose People Trail Expansion as the greatest area of priority.

Increase tourism in our city

Distinguish Columbus as an active community with high quality lifestyle accommodations

Create an environmentally friendly, sustainable transportation option



“The Indiana Trails Vision is to educate public and private sectors on the benefits a statewide greenways and bikeways system brings their communities in terms of health, fitness, tourism,

infrastructure and economic values.”  – The Indiana Trail Vision