Key Benefits for Employers and Business

  • Increase  and support the commuter population by providing more efficient and safer routes to employment centers throughout our City.
  • CRH Healthy Lifestyles Action Team challenged residents to “Commit to Commute” 
  • 2011 Summer Challenge (6 months):  65 participants commuted 17,131 miles
  • 2011-2012 Winter Challenge (3 months) :  70 participants commuted 11,872 miles 2008  Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Survey
  • 60% of 1,149 respondents stated they would  bicycle to work if adequate facilities were present. 2011 Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Survey
  • 70% of 787 respondents said they would walk and 88.5% said they would bike to work if adequate facilities were present.
  • Attract new employees by boasting on an “active community with high quality lifestyle accommodations.”
  • Lower health care costs by encouraging active living.
“Because trails may attract people…they have significant potential to serve as engines of economic development.”  The Indiana Trails Vision