Dear Friend,

The Columbus Park Foundation’s mission is to aid and encourage the Columbus Department of Parks and Recreation in the acquisition, conservation, and development of lands for park and recreation purposes; to secure long-term financial support, including an endowment fund, for park and recreation projects; and to support and encourage full community participation in recreation programs though scholarships and other resources. The Columbus Park Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting the parks department through partnership with the help of local donors such as yourself. We aim to foster lifelong appreciation for parks and recreation and to strengthen community, and we extend our sincerest gratitude for being involved and helping us to fulfill and further our mission.

Looking back, 2019 has been an exciting year for the department. The Jolie Crider 2.0 skatepark was built and officially revealed in early November; the Clifty Trail project was completed, adding over 1/2 mile to our existing people trail network; and three public sessions have now been completed for the Fair Oaks Mall project, the last of which resulted in the completion of the strategies and recommendations phase of the project and the presentation of conceptual designs of the new facility.

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we are focused on the completion of the Fair Oaks Mall project which will provide Columbus and the surrounding counties with an amazing communal facility capable of enhancing the lives of all members of our community; we plan to continue expanding our vast people trail network; we plan to renovate the
James A. Henderson playground at the Commons which will continue to serve many families in Columbus and the surrounding areas; and we plan to continue expanding the presence of parks and recreation in Columbus through new and existing parks, new and existing scholarship funds, and new and existing services and programs for adults, children, and families alike.

Please consider a donation to the Columbus Park Foundation this holiday season (by way of any of the detailed list of donation areas shows on the opposite side). It is the generosity of our donors that allows the Columbus Park Foundation to continue to carry out its mission and enables the Department of Parks and Recreation to continue to deliver high quality services. Your tax-deductible gift will help us enormously and for that we are greatly appreciative.

Wishing you warmth and light throughout the season,

Chip Orben
President, Columbus Park Foundation

Mark Jones
Director, Columbus Parks and Recreation

How to Donate

Columbus Park Foundation

Columbus Park Foundation
P.O. Box 858
Columbus, IN 47202

Donation of Securities
Columbus Park Foundation
739 22nd Street
Columbus, IN 47201

In Person
Columbus Parks and Recreation
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Donation Areas

Area of Greatest Need
These gifts are vital to the Columbus Park Foundation because they enable funding to go directly to the area of greatest and most immediate need.

Chuck Wilt Youth Scholarships
Donations underwrite the cost of programs for families who have financial barriers.

Endowments grow beyond today and assure our future generations the access to quality parks and recreation.

James K. Baker Trees
Donations have helped to expand and replace over 100 trees ever per year.

People Trails
The People Trails allow our community to participate in healthy activities as well as offer an alternative means of transportation for many.

Pollinator Parks
Pollinator species have declined in numbers, become endangered, and even gone extinct. By helping create and restore pollinator habitats, great strides can be made in their recovery.

Recreation covers a wide spectrum of inclusive activities for a variety of ages from pre-school to adults.  They are a mix of free, low cost and fee-based activities.

The Commons Playground
Attracting over 100,000 guests annually, the playground is a highly used, free, public asset that provides a safe environment where kids can be active rain or shine.

View pdf Annual Appeal letter.