ColumBike originated in May 2016 after extensive research and community input. A community wide survey revealed the desire to implement a bike share program. Through a public and private fundraising campaign, ColumBike was able to come into existence. The two largest funding sources are Cummins, a large engine company and our local hospital, Columbus Regional Health. ColumBike is part of Columbus Park Foundation, the fundraising arm to Columbus Parks and Recreation Department. The Mission Statement of the Columbus Park Foundation is to aid and encourage the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department in the acquisition, conservation, and development of lands for park and recreation purposes; to secure long-term financial support, including an endowment fund, for park and recreation projects; and to support and encourage full community participation in recreation programs through scholarships and other resources.

Columbus Park Foundation has 5 core values. ColumBike supports these 5 core values that include:
Quality of Life – We believe play & recreation are integral to sustaining residents’ quality of life and support the Parks Department’s ability to expand services, maintain parks, and to serve an even greater role in making Columbus an inviting place to live. We believe the ColumBike is a form of recreation and leisure that promotes health and wellness which in turn promote a better quality of life.
Healthy Lifestyles –We support the provision of comprehensive programs and facilities that enable all residents to participate in a variety of activities to improve physical fitness and lead a healthier lifestyle. Bike riding is a great form of exercise and promotes healthy living.
Environmental Sustainability – We believe it is vital to protect the community’s green spaces for future generations by conserving the natural landscape, promoting alternative modes of transportation, and supporting educational programming about the environment. ColumBike supports environmental sustainability through reduction of carbon footprint.
Building Community and Economic Growth– We strive to build a vibrant culture by supporting the development of programs and facilities that encourage connection and participation for all residents. Recreational programs provide valuable mentoring for youth, important activities for families, and welcome spaces for communities to gather. At the same time, parks and recreation facilities attract tourism and new businesses, contributing to growth in our community. Bike share programs are a community amenity and can be considered a tourist attraction in and of itself.
Management of Resources – We follow sound stewardship principles to ensure all resources are used for the intended purpose, and contribute to the preservation and maintenance of top-rated parks and facilities. The ColumBike program helps to preserve the community by reducing traffic and reducing carbon emission pollution.